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Lest we forget

Before it was retrofitted into Branford and Saybrook College, Yale’s Memorial Quadrangle (1917) was the prototype for a new campus architecture, full of names and carvings depicting Yale’s history. The three largest courtyards were named for towns associated with the college’s earliest days: Branford Court, for the town where Connecticut ministers are supposed to have met to donate books for the new college in 1700; Saybrook Court, for the town selected as the college’s first home; and Killingworth Court (shown here). Killingworth’s part in Yale history was an accident of circumstance: when the Reverend Abraham Pierson was chosen to be the first rector of the college, his Killingworth congregation wouldn’t let him leave to take the job. So he taught the first students at his parsonage there before eventually making the move. When it came time to divide the Memorial Quadrangle into colleges, Killingworth lost out to Saybrook again: the court is now part of Saybrook College.

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