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Throwback Thursday: haberdasher’s lament

Fifty years ago, in our February 1971 issue, we reported on the hard times facing the traditional campus purveyors of men’s wear in an age of blue jeans and Army surplus. “In the fashionable thirties, parents always had to pull the reins on the kids, who wanted to dress too well,” said Paul Press of J. Press. “Now they want them to buy, plead with them to buy.” Mack Durmer of the Arthur M. Rosenberg Co. down the street, as we reported, “blamed the Vietnam War and predicted a return to nattiness when the war is over.”

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  • Michael Lazare
    Michael Lazare, 11:50am January 22 2021 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    During my days on campus (1949-53) the big names were J. Press, Oxxford and J. Rosenthal, with Barrie Ltd. supplying footwear. Being on scholarship, with a bursary job, I could just about afford to look in the windows.

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