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Throwback Thursday: sex talk

Fifty years ago this week, in 1970, students arriving on campus for the fall semester were greeted with a 64-page pamphlet called Sex and the Yale Student. Published by a group of students with the help of Yale sex counselors Philip and Lorna Sarrel, the booklet caused a stir in the newly coed college. “The student authors take a matter-of-fact approach to their delicate subject that might shock people who disapprove of premarital intercourse, birth control, abortion, or even of frankly talking about traditional sex taboos,” we reported in our October 1970 issue. Alums, do you remember this publication?

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  • Wilky Coutard
    Wilky Coutard, 12:04pm September 17 2020 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    Sex is a wonderful expression of human love and it is a divine pleasure along with food that enhances our connections to God, people, and society.

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