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Mystery Monday: seal of approval

If your eyes have a tendency to wander upward when you're on campus, you may recognize this rendition of the Yale seal. Where is it?

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  • Michael Garman GH'25
    Michael Garman GH'25, 4:53pm October 13 2021 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    This is above the entrance to Commons, I believe.

  • George Huthsteiner TD '74
    George Huthsteiner TD '74, 12:43am October 14 2021 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    <> University Commons. Ceiling of the west balcony. <> 1901 University Commons. Detail of the barrel vault covering the West balcony. Schwarzman Center publicity says this space "is now reserved for graduate and professional students." [?!] From the balcony the view of this titanic Gilded Age dining hall does seem to call for brandy and cigars. <> 1901 University Commons 1901 Carrere & Hastings. UC. -> Schwarzman Center 2021 Robert A.M. Stern. YSC. Grove St. 168. <> Photo Mystery Monday: seal of approval
    By Mark Alden Branch ’86 | 1:58pm October 04 2021

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