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Dog of war

You’ve heard a lot from us recently about Handsome Dans, past and present, but they’re not the only historic canines linked to Yale. Next spring, an animated feature film will tell the story of Sergeant Stubby, a stray dog who wandered onto the field at the Yale Bowl during World War I military training exercises and was adopted by the 26th Yankee Division of the 102nd Infantry. He went to France with his division and was soon credited with comforting wounded soldiers, sniffing out poison gas, and even capturing a German prisoner. He was a national celebrity after the war, and his taxidermied remains—bedecked with medals—are in the Smithsonian.

The teaser for Sgt. Stubby suggests that the film has moved that fateful dog-meets-soldier meeting from the Bowl to the New Haven Green. (Bingham Hall appears in the background—anachronistically, as it wasn't built till 1926.) With big names like Helena Bonham-Carter and Gerard Depardieu attached, the movie may well revive Stubby’s reputation. Don’t be jealous, though, Walter—you're still our favorite living doggo.

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