Every Friday, we choose an alum who has been making headlines—for better or for worse.
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Andrew Romanoff ’89

Back in January, Colorado governor Bill Ritter appointed Michael Bennet ’93JD to fill a US Senate seat vacated by Cabinet nominee Ken Salazar. Next year, Bennet will face a Democratic primary challenge from another Yalie: Andrew Romanoff ’89, a former state House speaker who is portraying Bennet as too centrist, too unaccountable, and too dependent on out-of-state donors, announced his candidacy on September 16. “This contest ought to be decided not by a tap on the shoulder but by actual voters—especially voters who live in Colorado,” Romanoff declared. One Denver columnist, however, derided Romanoff and Bennet as the “identical cousins” of the Patty Duke Show: “They’re both center-left, white Yalies with law degrees. … They’re both non-native species to Colorado, and their roots here, however shallow, are only in Denver. Neither would look terribly comfortable in a bolo tie.”

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