Every Friday, we choose an alum who has been making headlines—for better or for worse.
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Rachel Kauder Nalebuff ’13

Mom’s a successful arts administrator. Dad teaches at the Yale School of Management and co-founded a profitable beverage company. But Rachel Kauder Nalebuff ’13 has found her own route to fame: My Little Red Book, an anthology of first-person accounts of first periods. While the subject is “bound to provoke snickers,” the New York Times Book Review noted this week, “there’s much that is distinctive” about the book. Nalebuff—who is taking a gap year before starting Yale College in the fall—brings a fresh and youthful editor’s perspective. But she gathers stories from women and girls covering a wide range of ages, countries, and socioeconomic circumstances. (One contributor is Nalebuff’s younger sister Zoe, who announced the news to a friend by texting a red dot, with the message: “Only 40 more years.”) And with 92 authors crammed into just 225 pages, My Little Red Book is, like the best of periods, mercifully short.

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