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    In after years

    Thrown together by chance, Yale College students--and later, Yale College alumni--eventually become a cohesive class. How does it happen and what does it mean?

    Mar/Apr 2022
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    From film to paper

    David Duchovny '89Grd, who left grad school at Yale to become an actor, wants to be known for his writing.

    Mar/Apr 2022 | Ico comments 2 comments
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    A reckoning with our past

    Yale examines its historical ties with slavery.

    Jan/Feb 2022
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    The man who believed too much

    One hundred years ago, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lectured at Yale—not about Sherlock Holmes, but about talking to the dead.

    Jan/Feb 2022 | Ico comments 7 comments
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    Career pivots

    Think it’s time for a change? Read about several alums who shook things up in their work life.

    Jan/Feb 2022 | Ico comments 8 comments
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    First impressions

    We talked to some new students about their first days at Yale.

    Nov/Dec 2021 | Ico comments 1 comment