Faculty & Staff

  • Tian Xu ’90PhD


    Building a better mouse

    A Yale geneticist and a Chinese lab are creating the of medical research animals.

    May/Jun 2010
  • Old Yale

    Advice for the language-lorn

    Mar/Apr 2010
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    From the Editor

    Managerial Yale

    Jan/Feb 2010
  • features

    They called him “Mr. Bubble.”

    In 2000 he said the dot-coms would go bust. Internet entrepreneurs scoffed. In 2005, he said the housing boom would cause a recession. Mortgage lenders laughed. Wouldn't you like to know what Mr. Bubble has to say today?

    Sep/Oct 2009
  • Julie Brown


    Gay at Yale

    How things changed

    Jul/Aug 2009
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    From the Editor

    From the editor

    SOM dean takes a pay cut.

    Mar/Apr 2009