Last Look

  • Last Look

    Together again

    It's a pleasure to see the campus filled with students.

    Nov/Dec 2021
  • Last Look


    On Hillhouse Avenue, a sculpture that’s all wound up.

    Sep/Oct 2021
  • Last Look

    Spiking the ball

    In a sports-deprived year, a dispatch from the intramural spikeball championship.

    Jul/Aug 2021
  • Last Look

    In the abstract

    New at the Art Gallery, an "exuberant" Franz Kline painting.

    May/Jun 2021
  • Last Look


    In the Becton Center, a door an engineer could love.

    Mar/Apr 2021
  • Last Look

    With highest honor

    A new portrait shows a more mature Edward Bouchet.

    Jan/Feb 2021