In Remembrance: Peter P. Wolf ’82 Died on July 28 2023

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Peter Wolf has passed away after 63 years of being “interesting” to doctors. Beloved husband of Robin. Very proud father to Jeremy and Eleanor. Son of Professors Werner and Elizabeth Wolf. Brother of Mary-Anne. Walker of Taz. Snuggler of Squid and Bing the Guinea Pigs.  

Lover of dogs. Bane of Lobsters. Loyal friend. Tea Snob. Beer drinker. Consumer of smelly cheeses. The Vindaloo was hot enough. Antarctic traveler. Hiked mountains. Dove under the sea. Fed sting rays. Saw exotic lands in the North, South, East and West. 

Lifelong skier on three continents. Competitive Table Tennis player. Enthusiastic Aikidoka. Bicycle commuter.  

Software Engineer. Founder of startups. Innovator. Holder of patents. Rider of waves. 

Always music. Audiophile. Guitar player. Listened to Classical; played the Blues. 

Peter’s family is so very grateful for their friends who have provided so much support recently and over many years. They also thank Dr. Ming Hui Chen, Dr. Michael Rabin, and Dr. Ugonma Chukweuke for their attentive, cutting-edge and empathetic care, as well as the compassionate staff and volunteers of Care Dimensions and the Hospice House in Lincoln. 

—written by Peter; submitted by his family.

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