In Remembrance: Tamara Razi ’79 Died on September 19 2020

Dr. Tamara Jane Razi died of ovarian cancer on September 19, 2020, at the age of 63. A psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with a focus in child and adolescent psychiatry, she established the child and adolescent psychiatry unit at Children's National Hospital. 

A full obituary appeared in the Washington Post on September 27, 2020.

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  • Annie Finch
    Annie Finch, 10:01am February 02 2021 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    Tamara and i met because we were both in Berkeley and had dated the same boy, Daniel Harris, and needed to compare notes. We also had several other good friends in common, including Michi Hiki, Mira Pospisil, Tom Glushko, and Lizzie Grossman. Senior year, Tamara and I became roommates. In our leafy off-campus apartment, we cooked, laughed, worked, gossiped, entertained, discussed the deepest and most trivial subjects, and established a lifelong friendship. We were blessed that work took me to Washington DC for the last 3 years of Tamara's life. She was already fighting the cancer and clearly found life, art, family, and friendship deeply precious, which made every visit a moving experience. She enrolled in several of my poetry classes and discovered a strong poetic talent which she delighted in. She brought me to an art class (in encaustic wax painting), invited us to Thanksgiving dinner, introduced me to her friends, and basically made my time in DC a joy. She often drove me home after I taught poetry class, and then we would usually sit in the car for a half hour or longer after we reached my building, continuing our high-speed conversation about art, film, life, psychology, politics, religion, or poetry. Whenever I start to miss Tam, I remember her adorable laugh and slightly wicked smile, the constant sparkle in her eyes and the unforgettable l wise, considered sweetness in her voice--and rather than feeling sad, I can't help smiling with joy and gratitude at having had such a precious friend in my life. Bless you Dearest Tamara!

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