In Remembrance: Saul Rubin ’70 Died on July 10 2017

Saul Rubin passed away on the evening of July 10, 2017. Many of his loving family members are still with us, carrying on his memory. A celebration of his life was held in September.

A full obituary was published in The Boston Globe.

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  • David Monk, BK 1975
    David Monk, BK 1975, 8:50pm February 07 2018 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    From our freshman days in Welch Hall in 1966, Saul was one of the fixtures of my Yale life and beyond. As a dropout the next year, I moved to the Boston area and found a new circle of friends thanks to Saul, including my first serious romance. Over the years, through Saul's early health crisis and discovery of his career calling as a bespoke carpenter and cabinet-maker, we kept in touch intermittently, the most enduring of my Yale friendships. Along the way, his sister Trudy also became a valued friend. When he met and married Syrl, it was clear that he had put all the pieces together for a wonderful life, which he lived fully to the end.

    In April 2016, Saul and Syrl arranged for Amy and me to join them at a Red Sox game, a banner day at Fenway despite the score and the chill in the air. The four of us also greeted "Paul Revere" and "William Dawes" on Patriots Day as they rode by a few blocks from Saul and Syrl's home en route to Concord. On other occasions, Saul shared historical notes with us on visits to the Lexington-Concord battlefields and the historic industrial town of Lowell.

    Saul inspired me early on with his idealistic but practical-minded activism, his courage in the face of illness, and later his dedication to craft and to his spouse. His and Syrl's unfailing, relaxed hospitality and good cheer made them exceptional friends to us regardless of the time that passed between our meetings. I miss him.

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