The brain cutter

Harvey Cushing, father of modern neurosurgery, performed his first operation as a Yale undergraduate. (The “patient” was a dog.) He didn’t work at Yale again for 40 years. But in his will, he left Yale the fruits of his labor.

By Richard Conniff


How I stole a Yale chair

By Brandt Goldstein


Anonymous was a woman

Your favorite famous quotation: was it by Voltaire? Yogi Berra? Or some woman you’ve never heard of?

By Fred Shapiro



Alumni on the Singapore spinoff

The Game

Driving sideways

History, coeducation, and what women want: reflections at the 127th edition of The Game

By Jane Kamensky

From the Editor

White House calling?

By Kathrin Lassila

Letters to the Editor

Our readers respond

Where They Are Now

A century in Review

By Alex Beam

Scene on Campus

Press time

Old Yale

Midlife career change

By Judith Schiff


Inequality by design

By Paul Pierson, Jacob Hacker

Sporting Life

Fall sports highlights

By Alexander Goldberger

School Notes

School Notes

A supplement to the Yale Alumni Magazine from the fourteen schools of Yale.

In Memoriam

Recent alumni deaths

Last Look

Boom boom room