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Happy Hour

There's a new pub beneath the Woolsey rotunda.

Bob Handelman

Bob Handelman

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Marinated mixed green olives? Hummus Masabacha? And perhaps an Allagash White Belgian-style wheat beer to wash it down?

The Well, the brand-new pub below the Woolsey Rotunda in the Schwarzman Center, is now open for business. Drinks include wine, beer, and cider. Food choices range from the aforementioned olives to truffled grilled cheese. “The drinks were good and the seating was comfortable and it was a great spot to catch up with my friends for an hour or so,” says Lucie Warga ’23 (below, middle), who gave the Well a try with friends Laura Vera Contreras ’23 (left) and Max Moen ’23 (right). “The only thing I would say was missing was a little music,” adds Warga. Moen agrees, with praise for the “fluffy” pretzel bites, “like pretzels at a movie theater.” IDs showing proof of age (21 and up admitted) are checked at the door.  Open Thursday and Friday, 5 pm to 12 am

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