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COVID update

Where things stood on campus in the fall.

Richard Borge

Richard Borge

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The fall semester began with students in residence and most classes taking place in person, but with some COVID precautions in place. Some news about the term so far:

• As of early October, the university was at a yellow COVID alert level, indicating low to moderate risk. Masks were required indoors except when people were  alone. Visitors to campus had to have a) been fully vaccinated, b) presented “a compelling academic or business reason,” and c) been invited by a university host. Gatherings of more than 20 people indoors or 50 people outdoors were subject to approval.

• Vaccination rates in early October were above 90 percent across the university: 99.5 percent of undergraduates, 98 percent of graduate and professional students, 95.9 percent of faculty, and 92.5 percent of staff were vaccinated.

• Vaccinated undergraduates and some vaccinated graduate and professional students were required to have weekly COVID tests. Students, staff, and faculty who had received vaccine exemptions were required to have tests twice a week.

• Most employees returned to their workplaces in October at least part-time after working remotely for more than a year and a half.

• This year’s Family Weekend, which had originally been planned to include in-person and virtual activities, was moved entirely online.

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