Scene on Campus

Holding class outdoors

The pandemic prompted a change in scene for the Yale College Opening Assembly.

Lisa Abotbol

Lisa Abotbol

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On the 28th of August, 1,815 first-year undergraduates—the largest class in Yale’s history—gathered on Cross Campus to hear President Peter Salovey ’86PhD welcome them to Yale. The president’s address to incoming undergrads is rarely held outside; COVID, of course, makes it essential. The group included 335 students who had originally been accepted into the previous class, but opted to take a gap year during the height of the pandemic. University chaplain Sharon Kugler and Yale College dean Marvin Chun also spoke. “What’s important now,” Chun said, “is to enjoy the process of learning, and”—no doubt the most welcome part of all—“being in community with each other.”

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