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Anthony Fauci, the physician and infectious disease expert who has advised the nation on COVID-19, will be the commencement speaker for the School of Public Health in May. Whether it will be an in-person or virtual
ceremony remains to be seen.

Since the spring, the Yale University Archives has been asking students to share their stories of life in the COVID-19 pandemic for posterity. The Help Us Make History Project has collected photos of student study spaces, reflections about what students missed, and stories of their biggest accomplishments.
President Peter Salovey ’86PhD announced nine new steps to build “a stronger and more inclusive Yale” as part of the Belonging at Yale initiative. These include an investigation of the university’s ties to slavery; increased financial aid and new pathways to admission; a Center for Law and Racial Justice at the Law School; changes to campus policing; and others. “Through these programs, we will ensure that we can continue to lead the way in teaching, research, scholarship, practice, and preservation of the highest caliber. All these activities require diverse strengths and a climate in which all members feel they belong and can thrive.” Read more about the initiatives at

Yale’s investment office will monitor the level of diversity among the personnel of its outside asset managers, chief investment officer David Swensen ’80PhD said in a letter to those managers in the fall. “Our goal is a level of diversity in investment management firms that reflects the diversity in the world in which we live,” wrote Swensen. “Success will be measured by hiring, training, mentoring, and retaining women and minorities for positions on the investment teams at Yale and in your firm.”

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