Light & Verity

Yale: the video (part 2)

Seven years later, a followup to “That’s Why I Chose Yale.”

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Eight years ago, a student-produced admissions video called That’s Why I Chose Yale became a viral sensation, dazzling some and confounding others with nearly 17 minutes of singing and dancing for an audience raised on the High School Musical movies. It has garnered 1.9 million views on YouTube since then. In December, its successor, That’s Why I Toured Yale, premiered on campus and online. In the new video, YouTube singing star Sam Tsui ’11 (above) and actor Simone Policano ’16 take a tour group on a spirited, improbable journey through classrooms, labs, libraries, and residential colleges. Directed by Kurt Hugo Schneider ’10, it is shorter (just under 11 minutes) and more tightly edited than its famous predecessor, with about 40 percent less campiness and 95 percent less singing, culminating in a festive tracking shot through a crowd of hundreds on Old Campus.

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