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Yale is avoiding new investment in “greenhouse gas–intensive energy companies,” Chief Investment Officer David Swensen ’80PhD reported in an April letter to the university community. Swensen wrote that Yale’s portfolio had less than $10 million invested in coal and oil-sands companies as of June 30, 2015, and that those investments have been sold. In 2014, Swensen asked Yale’s external money managers to “consider the economic impact of climate change on investments.”

The time frame for tenure decisions in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences may get shorter. At nine years, Yale’s tenure-review schedule for junior faculty is the longest in the Ivy League. An FAS committee reviewing the process says its length leads to attrition, as Yale’s junior faculty members get job offers elsewhere. The committee recommends shortening the process to eight years.

A three-alarm fire in May at the Yale-Myers Forest in Connecticut destroyed three buildings that house visiting students and researchers from the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Dean Peter Crane said the facilities would be replaced by next summer.

A group of students has drafted a petition asking the English department to “decolonize” its undergraduate curriculum. The petition, which drew wide media attention in June, singles out the English major’s required introductory course, Major English Poets, for focusing exclusively on white male authors. As of mid-June, the petition had 169 signatures.

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