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Abandon ship!

An unprecedented end to the Yale-Harvard Regatta.

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Ivy League Digital Network

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After a banner season (see page 54), the Yale men’s heavyweight crew was looking forward to a second straight victory in the Yale-Harvard Regatta. But on New London’s Thames River on June 12, something happened for the first time in the 151-year history of the race: less than half a mile into the four-mile course, with Yale ahead by a boat length, Harvard’s boat was struck by waves and filled quickly with water (left), requiring a rescue of its oarsmen. After a pause, Yale’s boat rowed on to the finish line. But officials said the race was a “no contest” (with no win) because a red flag had stopped the race when Harvard went down. At press time, the regatta committee—which includes officials from both schools—was still trying to sort out the result.

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