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A picture is worth…

One thing artificial grass and a string quartet have in common.

Kathrin Lassila ’81 is editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine.

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As a writer, I struggle with the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words. (What—just because it’s pretty? Come on, more like 500. OK, 750?) But as a magazine editor, I’m pro-photo, and I hope it shows. We also apply a photophilic philosophy on our Facebook page, where nearly every weekday we post a Yale-related picture. If you’re on Facebook, “like” our page and you’ll be able to see them all.

For those who haven’t yet joined us, the image here—the idyll that is the Branford College courtyard in summertime—is the photo that’s currently at the top of our Facebook page. If I had room, I’d also show you several of our dailies. Instead, you’ll have to make do with written descriptions (guaranteed fewer than 1,000 words each):

Greenery. True to its creative nature, the Yale Summer Cabaret hasn’t got some ordinary sign over its door, but a sign made of artificial grass. Who, we wondered, climbs up there to mow it?

Irony. For Facebook’s “Throwback Thursday” recently, we featured a Yale Alumni Magazine cover from 1957 showing a cancer researcher surrounded by papers and books—and with the signifiers, back then, of being hard at work: a cigarette between his fingers and an ashtray full of butts.

Glass fest. The transparent and shining façade of SOM’s new building is rapidly taking shape. We showcased a view of a luminous corner.

Classical music to go. In June, during New Haven’s annual International Festival of Arts and Ideas, the nonprofit Music Haven sent its resident string quartet—half of them Yale alumnae—out to perform around the city in an open flatbed truck. We caught them parked and playing outside Rudolph Hall (the former Art and Architecture Building).

And that’s just a fraction of it. Like us on Facebook. You’ll get the choicest selections of Yale every day.

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