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Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party, from Eisenhower to the Tea Party
Geoffrey Kabaservice ’88, ’99PhD
Oxford University Press, $29.95

The Republican Party once included both conservatives and moderates, but the two factions were what political journalist Theodore White called “fratricidal twins.” In a meticulously researched look at the last half century of the GOP, historian Kabaservice examines the virtual elimination of the moderate viewpoint. He argues that this “unprecedented transformation” may significantly alter, even derail, our political system and “ought to concern all Americans.”


Knowing Nature: Art and Science in Philadelphia, 1740–1840
Amy R. W. Meyers ’85PhD, Director of the Yale Center for British Art, editor
Yale University Press, $65

In eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century America, Philadelphia was the capital of scientific enterprise. But, as art historian Meyers and her collaborators show in the 14 essays of this exquisitely illustrated book, natural scientists did not toil in isolation. “Artistic and artisanal culture informed scientific interpretations of the natural world,” Meyers explains; science and art were a mutually reinforcing, two-way street.


The Annotated Emerson
David Mikics ’88PhD, editor
Belknap/Harvard University Press, $35

Nineteenth-century essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson was, during much of his lifetime, this country’s “greatest speaker and man of letters,” says Mikics, an expert on the man he calls “our Shakespeare.” Emerson’s words retain much of their power because the writer “addresses, and tries to heal, the split in American consciousness between high speculation and hard experience.” Mikics provides a generous selection of essays, poems, and journal entries, and he serves, through his annotations, as a fine guide.


Uncorked: My Journey through the Crazy World of Wine
Marco Pasanella ’84
Clarkson Potter, $24

Blame it on blue granite. When one of Pasanella’s clients changed her mind, yet again, about countertop materials, the interior designer and writer decided to change careers. At 43, he left the business and eventually opened a wine shop in a Fulton Fish Market building he had renovated. In an entertaining memoir, complete with recipes, wine-tasting techniques, and toasts, Pasanella recounts his “midlife experiment.”


The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess: Race, Religion, and DNA
Jeff Wheelwright ’69
W. W. Norton, $26.95

Shonnie Medina, a strong-willed woman from rural Colorado, “felt she would die young,” writes veteran science journalist Wheelwright. She was correct, for Medina had more than Spanish and Native American genes in her background; she also carried a mutation inherited from Spanish Jews that made early-onset breast cancer a near certainty. Wheelwright traces the history of the gene and recounts how Medina’s religion-based rejection of conventional medicine contributed to her death, at age 28, in 1999.


Liebestod: Opera Buffa with Leib Goldkorn
Leslie Epstein ’60, ’67DFA
W. W. Norton, $25.95

At 103, wandering Jewish flautist Leib Goldkorn has seemingly come to the end of the score: in an empty New York City apartment, he has turned on the gas, put his head in the Magic Chef oven and . … Weep not, fans of novelist Epstein’s oft-recurring character. Leib’s suicide is prevented by a cat and a suddenly appearing ticket to his hometown in the Czech Republic. Madcap adventure, the ghost of Gustav Mahler, and a surprising return to NYC await.


More books by Yale authors

Lori Andrews ’75, ’78JD
I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy
Free Print, $26

Philip E. Auerswald ’88
The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Economy
Oxford University Press, $29.95

Robin Bernstein ’04PhD
Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights
New York University Press, $24

Steven Bilakovics, postdoctoral associate in political science
Democracy Without Politics
Harvard University Press, $35

Harold Bloom ’56PhD, Sterling Professor of the Humanities
The Anatomy of Influence: Literature as a Way of Life
Yale University Press, $20

Louis Daniel Brodsky ’63
The Swastika Clock: Holocaust Poems
Time Being Books, $15.95

Robert A. Burt ’64LLB
In the Whirlwind: God and Humanity in Conflict
Harvard University Press, $29.95

Antoinette M. Burton ’83
A Primer of Teaching World History: Ten Design Principles
Duke University Press, $21.95

Paul Chapman ’70
Greening America’s Schools: The Environmental Sustainability Movement in K–12 Education
NAIS, $38.95

Lisa Cohen ’95PhD
All We Know: Three Lives
Farrar, Straus and Girouox, $30

Peter Cole, visiting fellow, and Aminadav Dykman
The Poetry of Kabbalah: Mystical Verse from the Jewish Tradition
Yale University Press, $30

Angela H. DePace ’96 and Felice C. Frankel
Visual Strategies: A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists and Engineers
Yale University Press, $35

Joel S. Fetzer 91, ’96PhD
Luxembourg as an Immigration Success Story: The Grand Duchy in Pan-European Perspective
Lexington Books, $60

John G. Flobeck ’56
Pro’z & Cons
Kindle.Nook, $5.99

Paul H. Fry ’85MAH, professor of English
Theory of Literature (The Open Yale Courses Series)
Yale University Press, $18

Liza Grandia ’96
Enclosed: Conservation, Cattle, and Commerce Among the Q’eqchi’ Maya Lowlanders
University of Washington Press, $30

Abner S.Greene ’82
Against Obligation: The Multiple Sources of Authority in a Liberal Democracy
Harvard University Press, $49.95

Jed Handelsman Shugerman ’96, ’02JD, ’08PhD
The People’s Courts: Pursuing Judicial Independence in America
Harvard University Press, $35

Larry C. Johnson ’78MDiv
The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising: Transforming Fundraising Anxiety into the Opportunity of a Lifetime
Aloha Publishing, $29.95

Catherine Liu ’85
American Idyll: Academic Antielitism as Cultural Critique
University of Iowa Press, $29.95

Florencia E. Mallon ’76, ’80PhD, and Gladys McCormick
Decolonizing Native Histories: Collaboration, Knowledge, and Language in the Americas
Duke University Press, $24.95

Michael E. Mann ’91, ’98PhD
The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines
Columbia University, $28.95

Dale B. Martin ’86, ’88PhD
New Testament History and Literature (The Open Yale Courses Series)
Yale University Press, $18

Stephen Prothero ’82
The American Bible; How Our Words Unite, Divide, and Define a Nation
HarperOne, $29.99

Michael J. Puri ’04MPhil
Ravel the Decadent
University of Oxford Press, $24.95

Stephen C. Schimpff ’67MD
The Future of Health-Care Delivery: Why It Must Change and How It Will Affect You
Potomac Books, $27.50

Jan Steckel ’93MD
The Horizontal Poet
Zeitgeist Press, $14

John G. Taft ’77, ’81MPPM, and Charles D. Ellis
Stewardship: Lessons Learned from the Lost Culture of Wall Street
Wiley, $27.95

Amy Waldman ’91
The Submission: A Novel
Picador Books, $15

Rebecca Wiegand ’05 and Jessica Massa
The Gaggle: How the Guys You Know Will Help You Find the Love You Want
Simon & Schuster, $23

George M. Young ’73PhD
The Russian Cosmists: The Esoteric Futurism of Nikolai Federov and His Followers
Oxford University Press, $29.95


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