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Ending a 14-year winning streak.

Bettina Hansen/<i>Hartford Courant</i>

Bettina Hansen/Hartford Courant

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Until this winter, the Trinity College men’s squash team had not lost a match since . . . let’s see . . . right about the time America first heard the name Monica Lewinsky. But on January 18, at Payne Whitney Gymnasium, Yale ended the Bantams’ 14-year, 252-match winning streak, which was considered the longest winning streak in modern intercollegiate sports.

With the contest tied 4–4, senior John Roberts (above, being congratulated after the match), of Belfast, Northern Ireland, pulled out a 3–2 win to take the match for the Bulldogs. The historic win was the high point of the season for Yale; they lost in the quarterfinals of the national championship tournament a month later. Trinity, for its part, saw another streak—13 national championships—come to an end when Princeton beat them in the finals.  

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