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Books by Yale authors

The Species Seekers: Heroes, Fools, and the Mad Pursuit of Life on Earth
Richard Conniff ’73
W. W. Norton, $26.95

In 1735, the Swedish botanist Linnaeus started a revolution by inventing a classification system that brought order to the chaos of the natural world. Conniff introduces some of the more notable—or obsessed—seekers who have answered the Linnaean call, discovering along the way that “nature is not just weird, but limitlessly so.”


Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Art, and Life
Judith Dupré ’11MDiv
Random House, $40

The Virgin Mary has inspired countless stories of love,” writes Dupré. This exquisite book for believer and nonbeliever alike explores Mary’s life and influence in short chapters illustrated by Marian artwork. The result captures “Mary’s ubiquitous presence and the extraordinary pull she has exerted” throughout the years.


Origins: How the Nine Months before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives
Annie Murphy Paul ’95
Free Press, $26

“When we hold our babies for the first time, we imagine them clean and new, unmarked by life,” Paul writes. But, in this examination of a new scientific field known as “fetal origins,” Paul notes that at birth, babies have “already been shaped by the world, and by us.” To mothers-to-be who feel beleaguered by a litany of threats du jour: be reassured.


The Women Jefferson Loved
Virginia Scharff ’74
Harper, $27.99

Thomas Jefferson fathered a country, six children with his wife Martha, and, we now know, seven with his slave-mistress Sally Hemings. Historians have struggled to examine his roles as husband, father, and son, because relatives burned most letters not in keeping with the official legacy. Scharff probes material that escaped the flames and illuminates the women in Jefferson’s life.


More books by Yale authors

Bruce Ackerman '67JD, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science
The Decline and Fall of the American Republic
Harvard University Press, $25.95

Ian Ayres '81 '86JD, William K. Townsend Professor of Law School and Professor, School of Management
Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done
Bantam Books, $26.00

Diana Balmori, Visiting Professor School of Architecture, Lecturer School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
A Landscape Manifesto
Yale University Press, $65.00

Frederick Brown '56, '60PhD
Alexis de Tocqueville: Letters from America
Yale University Press, $28.00

Lan Samantha Chang '87
All Is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost: a Novel
W. W. Norton & Company, $23.95

Louise K. Comfort '75PhD, Arjen Boin, and Chris C. Demchak
Designing Resilience: Preparing for Extreme Events
University of Pittsburgh Press, $32.50

Barnaby Conrad '44
The Second Life of John Wilkes Booth
Council Oak Books, $25

Mark S. Copelovitch '97

The International Monetary Fund in the Global Economy: Banks, Bonds, and Bailouts
Cambridge University Press, $85.00

Douglas Fordham '03PhD
British Art and the Seven Years' War: Allegiance and Autonomy
University of Pennsylvania Press, $65.00

John A. Gallucci '88PhD, Simon Desjardins, and Pierre Pharoux
Castorland Journal: An Account of the Exploration and Settlement of Northern New York State by French émigrés in the Years 1793 to 1797
Cornell University Press, $65.00

Becky Garrison '92MDiv
Jesus Died for this? A Satirist’s Search for the Risen Christ
Zondervan, $14.99

Louise Elisabeth Glück, Adjunct Professor of English, Rosenkranz Writer-in-Residence 
A Village Life
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $13.00

Jeffrey Edward Green '00JD
The Eyes of the People: Democracy in an Age of Spectatorship
Oxford University Press, USA, $45.95

Jeffrey Johnson '74
Designing with the Mind in Mind: Simple Guide to Understanding User Interface Design Rules 
Morgan Kaufman Books, $49.95

Nadia Kalman '97
The Cosmopolitans: A Novel
Livingston Press, $28.00

Ruth Kassinger '76
Paradise under Glass: An Amateur Creates a Conservatory Garden
William Morrow, $24.99

Greg Lastowka '91
Virtual Justice: The New Laws of Online Worlds
Yale University Press, $27.50

Lance Lee '67MFA
Seasons of Defiance: Poems
Birch Brook Press, $17.50

AndreaLott '03
Dining in Seattle: Past & Present Memorable Meals from Seattle’s Finest Restaurants
Peanut Butter Publishing, $23.00

Michael Mandelbaum '68
The Frugal Superpower: America’s Global Leadership in a Cash-Strapped Era
Public Affairs, $23.95

Joanna Neborsky '03, Félix Fénéon, and Luc Sante
Illustrated Three-Line Novels: Félix Fénéon 
Mark Batty Publisher, $24.95

Alexander Nemerov '92PhD
Acting in the Night: Macbeth and the Places of the Civil War
University of California Press, $39.95

David Grant Noble '61
In the Places of the Spirits
SAR Press, $60.00

Michael E. Parrish '68PhD
Citizen Rauh: An American Liberal’s Life in Law and Politics
University of Michigan Press, $45

Hal Reames '67
Skin Hunger: A Tale of Aging and Love
Publish America, $32.95

Debbie Stoller '89PhD
Stich 'n' Bitch Super Star Knitting: Go Beyond the Basics
Workman Publishing Company, $17.95

Michael Takiff '76
A Complicated Man: The Life of Bill Clinton as Told by Those Who Know Him
Yale University Press, $32.50

Mitch Tobin '92
Endangered: Biodiversity on the Brink
Fulcrum Press, $27.95

Mark Totten '06PhD, '06JD
First Strike: America, Terrorism, and Moral Tradition
Yale University Press, $30.00

Garry Wills '61PhD
Outside Looking In: Adventures of an Observer
Viking Press, $25.95

Yi-Li Wu '98PhD
Reproducing Women: Medicine, Metaphor, and Childbirth in Late Imperial China
University of California Press, $49.95  


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