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Ice hockey player Mandi Schwartz ’11 needs a stem cell transplant to treat her leukemia. Schwartz, 22, has been in and out of Yale since her diagnosis in December 2008. The athletics department and the university helped spread the word this spring that Schwartz is seeking a donor to provide stem cells, either from umbilical cord blood or bone marrow. Go to for more information.


Yale stands to make $7.98 million over seven years as part of a credit-card marketing deal with Chase Bank,the Connecticut Post reported in June. A new federal disclosure law made the terms of the three-year-old deal public. The university provides contact information to Chase for alumni and employees, to whom the bank markets a card with a Yale logo.


Federal inspectors issued a report in May on a site visit to a Yale animal facility, detailing incidents that included primates escaping from their cages and superficial burns on baboons from heating pads. Yale spokesman Robin Hogen ’70 criticized a New Haven Register article (“Report: Yale Abused Research Animals”) on the report as “a non-story with a sensational headline” adding that the Department of Agriculture “commented on Yale’s strong animal care and veterinary care programs and its commitment to humane animal care and use.”


Notes from the admissions season: the Graduate School will gain a celebrity this fall as actor James Franco (Milk, Spider-Man) enters a PhD program in English. Yale College will be home for Carol, Kenneth, Martina, and Ray Crouch of Danbury, Connecticut, the first quadruplets known to have matriculated at Yale. But the college lost out to Harvard, of all places, in the competition to woo a gifted science student from Beaverton, Oregon, whose name is Yale Fan.


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