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80 years out—and counting

Roberta Nassau (left), 1928 Class Book (right)

Roberta Nassau (left), 1928 Class Book (right)

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Who is the oldest living Yale graduate? We can’t say for sure, but the oldest alum Yale knows to be alive is Benjamin Nassau ’28, ’30LLB, who turned 104 in May. Nassau (shown at left on his last birthday and in his 1928 yearbook photo) was one of four brothers to attend the Law School. A retired lawyer, he lives in Westchester County, New York. Michael Nassau ’56, ’60LLB, says his father’s marriage “lasted 75 years and was as good as the movies say they’re supposed to be.”

If you know an older Yalie, let us know. Until then, we’re declaring Nassau the unofficial senior Eli. We extend our congratulations. 

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