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Olympian fencer; bicyclist improves; law students' lawsuit.

Student improving after bike accident

After more than 11 months in the hospital, Dan Lewis '09 is back at his parents' home in Denver. On July 7, 2007, Lewis was hit by a car on a Kansas highway while biking cross-country as part of the 17th Habitat for Humanity Bicycle Challenge (see Sporting Life, September/October 2007). Although he was unconscious for several months, Lewis has been steadily improving. He can now communicate through a Dynavox computer and stand using a "tilt table." Because of Lewis's injury and two earlier accidents, both fatal, that were connected with the annual fund-raising ride, it has been discontinued.


Anonymous web commenters identified

The two Yale law students who are suing online commenters for defamation have begun naming names. In 2005 and 2007, the students were the targets of sexually explicit and derogatory posts at AutoAdmit, an online community concerned with law school admissions (see From the Editor, July/August 2007). The suit originally named only the authors' user names, but a subpoena issued to Internet service providers has allowed attorneys for the plaintiffs to determine the defendants' real names. Court documents filed in August identified one of them as Mathew C. Ryan of Austin, Texas.


Yalie Olympian wins silver, bronze

Fencer Sada Jacobson '06 (profiled in "Edge of Greatness," July/August 2004) won a silver medal in individual women's saber and a bronze in team saber at the Olympic Games in Beijing. For more Yale Olympic results, go


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