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Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front
Todd DePastino ’98PhD

W.W. Norton, $27.95

"Sergeant [Bill] Mauldin had never led men in battle," writes DePastino about the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner whose cartoons helped many soldiers get through World War II. "He had instead fought the war with an ink brush." In a book richly illustrated with some of Mauldin's best work, including many of the "Willie and Joe" series, the author chronicles an amazing life.


A Person of Interest: A Novel
Susan Choi ’90

Viking, $24.95

In this psychological thriller (whose plot draws on the Unabomber's 1993 assault on Yale computer scientist David Gelernter ’76, ’77MA), a technology-hating psychopath named the "Brain Bomber" kills a professor. The dead man's colleague in the office next door, a mathematician with a past, becomes a "person of interest" in an investigation whose twists keep the pages turning.

The Exchange Artist: A Tale of High-Flying Speculation and America's First Banking Collapse
Jane Kamensky ’85
, ’93PhD
Viking, $29.95

A wise man builds his house upon a rock, but Andrew Dexter Jr., the early-nineteenth-century con man behind the first U.S. banking catastrophe, built his "upon paper," writes Kamensky. The historian follows Dexter's rise -- showing how he duped investors by printing piles of worthless banknotes -- and his ignominious fall.

How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture, Then and Now

James L. Kugel ’67

Free Press/Simon and Schuster, $35

Hebrew Bible expert Kugel, whose course on the subject was one of the most popular at Harvard, brings us "two quite different ways of understanding the Bible, those of modern biblical scholars and of ancient interpreters." The result is a fascinating reconciliation of these apparently contradictory approaches.


More books by Yale authors

Eric Alterman 1986MA 
Why We're Liberals: A Political Handbook for Post-Bush America
Viking, $24.95

Charles Barber, Lecturer in Psychiatry,
School of Medicine 

Comfortably Numb: How Psychiatry is Medicating a Nation
Pantheon, $26.00

David Boren 1963 
A Letter to America
University of Oklahoma Press, $14.95

Marc Bousquet 1985 
How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation
New York University Press, $22.00

Daniel Dyer 1951BE 
Actions to Achieve Peace: What Every Citizen Can Do
Lulu Press, $19.95

Jonathan Freedman 1984PhD 
Klezmer America: Jewishness, Ethnicity, Modernity
Columbia University Press, $34.50

Michael J. Gerhardt 1978 
The Power of Precedent
Oxford University Press, $45.00

Patrick Greaney 1993 
Untimely Beggar: Poverty and Power from Beaudelaire to Benjamin
University of Minnesota Press, $25.00

Betsy Hartmann 1973 
Deadly Election: A Novel
White River Press, $16.00

Frederick Kaufman 1982 
A Short History of the American Stomach
Harcourt, $23.00

Joshua Kendall 1981 
The Man Who Made Lists: Love, Death, Madness, and the Creation of Roget's Thesaurus
G. P. Putnam's Sons, $25.95

John R. Kimberly 1964 and Hamid Bouchikhi 
The Soul of the Corporation: How to Manage the Identity of Your Company
Wharton School Publishing, $29.99

David Kolb 1972PhD 
Sprawling Places
University of Georgia Press, $22.95

Ramsay MacMullen, Dunham Professor Emeritus
of Classics and History

Romanization in the Time of Augustus
Yale University Press, $18.00

Alan Mallach 1966
The Autumn of Italian Opera: From Verismo to Modernism, 1890-1915
University Press of New England, $55.00

Monica McGoldrick 1966MA, Randy Gerson, and
Sueli Petry

Genograms, Assessment and Intervention: Third Edition
W. W. Norton, $27.00

Christopher L. Miller, the Frederick Clifford Ford Professor of African American Studies and French, 1983PhD
The French Atlantic Triangle: Literature and Culture of the Slave Trade
Duke University Press, $27.95

Susan Hardman Moore 1978MAR
Pilgrims: New World Settlers and the Call of Home
Yale University Press, $35.00

Leigh A. Payne 1990PhD
Unsettling Accounts: Neither Truth nor Reconciliation in Confessions of State Violence
Duke University Press, $23.95

Andrea Pickens 1973, 1974MFA
Seduced by a Spy
Forever/Hatchette Book Group, $6.99

Jonathan Rosen 1985
The Life of the Skies: Birding at the End of Nature
Farrar, Straus, Giroux, $24.00

Diane Rubenstein 1985PhD
This Is Not A President: Sense, Nonsense, and the American Political Imaginary
New York University Press, $24.00

Barry Schaller 1960, 1963JD
Understanding Bioethics and the Law: The Promises and Perils of the Brave New World of Biotechnology
Greenwood Publishing Group, $49.95

Lawrence J. Schneiderman 1953
Embracing Our Mortality: Medical Choices in an Age of Miracles
Oxford University Press, $21.95

James Gustave Speth, Dean, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 1964, 1969LLB
The Bridge at the End of the World: Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability
Yale University Press, $28.00

Tom Stone 1958
Zeus: A Journey through Greece in the Footsteps of a God
Bloomsbury, $24.95

Frank M. Turner, the John Hay Whitney Professor of History, 1971PhD, Editor
Apologia Pro Vita Sua, and Six Sermons, by John Henry Cardinal Newman
Yale University Press, $55.00

Priscilla Wald 1980
Contagious: Cultures, Carriers, and the Outbreak Narrative
Duke University Press, $23.95 



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