Who needs the Great Books?

A personal and political history of Directed Studies—Yale’s boot camp for freshmen who dare.

By Molly Worthen Ico comments 2 comments


Strangers in a strange land

The Baccalaureate Address

By Peter Salovey


Voices of commencement

We stopped a few graduates—and a professor—for a few words on graduation day.

By Cathy Shufro


Career change

Yale’s newest teacher—one John Kerry ’66—comes with a long résumé.

By Leslie Kaufman

From the Editor

The evolution of secret societies

A new book looks at the history of Skull and Bones and its kin.

By Kathrin Day Lassila

Letters to the Editor

Letters: July/August 2017

Readers talk about Ed Bennett ’84, their Yale weddings, J. Willard Gibbs, and more.


Preserving the open society

Former president Richard Levin’s speech at Yale-NUS College’s first graduation warns of the dangers of anti-globalist populism.

By Richard Levin Ico comments 1 comment

Where They Are Now

Still in the running

Catching up with Olympic marathoner Frank Shorter ’69.

By Bruce Fellman

Scene on Campus

Gimme shelter

Protesters make themselves at home on Beinecke Plaza.

New Haven

Close to the edge

A coastal city prepares for rising seas.

By Jenny Blair

Old Yale

The man who made time workable

A Yale-educated schoolteacher invented the US time zone system.

By Judith Schiff

Sporting Life

Spring sports highlights: 2017

A national championship for crew; an NCAA appearance for baseball.

By Evan Frondorf

Last Look


Yale’s distinctive presidential beret.

Q&A: Peter Salovey

Room for science

Yale makes a push for science facilities, new and renovated.

By Kathrin Day Lassila