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Delightful, pretty, successful Bio-tech-CEO- Our private client spends her time at home in Manhattan and the Hamptons while

running her innovative consulting firm. Selective, cultured, she is seeking a man who is widowed or divorced and ready to find a new

companion. The man she seeks is 62-72 in the Northeast, loves books. classical music, theatre and leads and active and interesting life, he wants to share it and move forward!

sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com. 212-627-0121

Inviting accomplished single men (40-80), East Coast/West Coast to be matched with our outstanding and very attractive female clients. You too are selective, attractive, emotionally secure, and living your best life. We have been working with Ivy graduates, men and women of substance (not only Ivy!) since 2006 and have an outstanding track record of successful matches. We invite you to be part of our network of winners in 2024! sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com, 212-627-0121, or go to “get started" on our website: www.therighttimeconsultants.com.

Manhattan Emmy-award winner — Our very

attractive private client is seeking a well-rounded, fit, confident gentleman in his 70’s to 80 with a mix of intellectual, cultural, and International

pedigree You have refined tastes but are down-to-earth, generous of heart, and open to

collaboration, joy, and romance. “

Inquire: sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com,