Yale History

  • From the Editor

    Summer and music, 43 years ago

    A memorable tour with the Yale Symphony Orchestra.

    Jul/Aug 2021
  • features

    Neither here nor there

    In 1873, 12-year-old Yan Phou Lee left China for the US. He stayed for 54 years. But he never found a home.

    May/Jun 2021 | Ico comments 14 comments
  • Light & Verity

    Still caring

    The Calvin Hill Day Care Center turns 50.

    May/Jun 2021
  • Light & Verity

    Top honors

    Which US presidents have honorary degrees from Yale?

    May/Jun 2021
  • Old Yale

    The '21 Club

    A survey of four Classes of '21 across the centuries.

    May/Jun 2021
  • Old Yale

    Women worthies

    Long before they could attend Yale, women helped shape the university with their donations.

    Mar/Apr 2021