• Last Look

    When the Yale set sail

    125 years ago, a ship bearing the university's name went to war.

    Nov/Dec 2023
  • features

    World class

    Soccer player and aspiring physician Michelle Alozie '19 became a bit of a celebrity this summer as a member of the Nigerian World Cup team.

    Nov/Dec 2023
  • features

    Eyeing the future, grappling with the past

    History professor Marci Shore studies events in Ukraine with a sense of empathy.

    Nov/Dec 2023
  • From the Editor

    One painful year later

    Checking in again with Ukrainian students at Yale.

    May/Jun 2023
  • Light & Verity

    Out with the tiger, in with the rabbit

    Celebrating the Lunar New Year.

    Mar/Apr 2023
  • features


    A Yale College writing class took a field trip to Greece to learn about the refugee crisis. It soon got personal.

    Mar/Apr 2023 | Ico comments 2 comments