New Haven

  • features

    Yale vs Covid

    Essays and articles about the pandemic, its consequences, and what Yale and Yalies have done to help.

    Jul/Aug 2020
  • Scene on Campus


    Union Station, New Haven's entrance hall, turns 100.

    Jul/Aug 2020
  • Light & Verity

    Rooms by the sea

    A brutalist New Haven landmark will become a hotel.

    May/Jun 2020
  • Last Look


    A sign of the times on Chapel Street.

    May/Jun 2020
  • article image placeholder


    And don’t forget...

    Alumni tell us what they like about eight other local pizza places.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Mark Alden Branch ’86


    Naples Pizza: a memory

    Corby Kummer remembers a campus hangout—and a long-lost friend.

    Mar/Apr 2020