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    The future of voting

    How easy should it be to cast a vote? Americans are divided.

    Sep/Oct 2021
  • Findings


    Jul/Aug 2021
  • Light & Verity

    Top honors

    Which US presidents have honorary degrees from Yale?

    May/Jun 2021
  • Where They Are Now

    Straddling town and gown

    Justin Elicker '10MBA, '10MEM, came to New Haven to study. He stayed to become mayor.

    May/Jun 2021
  • Light & Verity

    Biden's Bulldogs

    The Yale alumni in the upper reaches of the new administration.

    Mar/Apr 2021
  • From the Editor

    “A steely, quiet strength”

    Lawyer Deborah Rhode ’74, ’77JD, helped move us forward.

    Mar/Apr 2021