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Stop the J. Presses

Just when you've gotten used to the way things are, somebody wants to go and change them. Take J. Press, the venerable York Street clothier that declares, "It takes generations of thoughtful refinement and an unwavering commitment to dress men to an Ivy League standard."

Well, it used to take generations of thoughtful commitment. But now, apparently, it takes Ovadia & Sons—designers and twin brothers Shimon and Ariel Ovadia—just two weeks to put together a younger, hipper line called York Street.

"J.Press is like a sunken treasure ship," Shimon Ovadia tells GQ. "We felt like this was one of the last great brands that really needed a resurrecting"—in the fashion mag's words, "making boxy fits slimmer" and forging "beyond J. Press's familiar suit-and-tie world with pieces like sweats and swim trunks."

Next thing you know, they'll be serving vegan Thai curry tofu at the tables down at Mory's.

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