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During the academic year, members of Yale’s varsity sailing team pilot the school's fleet of dinghies in Page’s Cove, off the coast of Branford, Connecticut. But in the summer, the boats are used for teaching local children, who can sign up for month-long sailing courses with a staff of five undergraduate instructors from Yale and elsewhere. About 110 students, aged 9 to 16, took to the water this summer at the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club, learning to tack and jibe and tune their boats to the weather conditions.

Bob Handelman

Bob Handelman

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Those conditions were inauspicious on the day this photograph was taken: gusty winds brought dark clouds and a few raindrops. But the storm held off, allowing advanced sailing student Gabe Mahler-Haug, with instructor Emily Billing ’13, to practice turning drills.


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