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Mark Ostow

Mark Ostow

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Alyssa Reyes
Stratford, Connecticut
Jonathan Edwards, Biomedical Engineering

Why are you wearing a fire hat?

My father’s a firefighter.

How did you get interested in biomedical engineering?

I bounced around a little in the sciences. I went from biomedical engineering to biology to chemistry to chemical engineering and back to biomedical engineering. I liked the problem solving, the mathematical aspect of biomedical engineering. I was able to get to know everybody really well on a personal level. We’ve studied together, we’ve gone to Rudy’s [Bar and Grill] together.

How many people were in your year?

It’s somewhere around 20. We are a very diverse group. We have athletes. I’m a singer. We have people who were very interested in research, we had people that really aren’t interested in research.

What’s next?

I’ll be attending medical school at the University of Pennsylvania.