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Yale Bowl Centennial Quiz

The Yale Bowl celebrates its 100th anniversary this fall. See how well you know its history—and pick up some fun facts for your next tailgate—by taking our quiz.

  1. 1. On what landmark is the Bowl most closely modeled?
  2. 2. Which of these considerations determined the siting of the Bowl?
  3. 3. What Bulldog head coach presided over the longest Yale winning streak in the Bowl?
  4. 4. Whose concert at the Bowl was later released as a record album?
  5. 5. Which of these Heisman Trophy winners saw action on the field at the Bowl?
  6. 6. Which of these did NOT appear on stage at the Bowl on October 5, 2001?
  7. 7. What non-Ivy opponent has Yale played most often at the Bowl?
  8. 8. What quarterback-receiver pair holds single-game Bowl records for passes attempted, passes completed, receptions, and yards receiving, all from the same game?
  9. 9. Which opponent was on the losing side of the Bulldogs’ most lopsided win at the Bowl?
  10. 10. What unusual event took place at the Bowl on October 10, 1992?